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This book is based in a working class district of Lancashire in the late 19th century, and the characters are vividly painted to give a window into their worlds.
The characters also pose moral questions to the reader. For example, should a man who has clearly been maligned by the system bear a grudge against humanity, or even a certain part of humanity, for the east of his life?
Should a young woman, fired up with the teachings of Mary
Wollstonecraft and the likes of Ibsen, attempt to foist her ideas on those least able to analyse them, or is she indeed developing the very tools of analysis?
The spice and fizz brought to the tale by the irrepressible Ida gives a reflection of how people deal with adversity, and the pathos of her end only goes to accentuate this.
As the story winds towards its dramatic denouement we wonder whether this is in some way a comment on our society, maybe even an allegorical comment on todays society.

Bert Romero

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